"La Chambre de ma soeur"

an essential, refined and contemporary performance signed by Canciello Brothers.

CAMPADIDANZA - WebDance Magazine

Article by Nicola Campanelli, 27.06.2018.

On Saturday June 23rd, as part of the Soundance Festival – organized by the Berlin Arts United at Dock 11La Chambre de ma Souer by Luca and Rossella Canciello was on. Even before the artists enter on stage, the audience is immediately struck by the black cables of the technical instrumentation which, instead of being hidden, are intentionally arranged so as to form a large rectangle which delimits the stage. The dancers come on while Luca heads immediately in front of the console and Rossella places herself in front of the panoramic microphone that amplifies and spreads the sound of her breath. Immediately after, the dancer walks towards the proscenium and the sound of every step, of every movement of her hands and body, even of the air she moves while dancing, is captured by the piezoelectric microphones arranged along the perimeter of the stage, to then be sampled by the brother who creates rhythmic, harmonic and melodic structures.

After the first few seconds it is clear that, like a guitar string or a piano key, it is the performer’s body itself to produce the sounds that, processed in real time, become the music which accompanies the show. The minimal, calibrated and expressive dance is perfectly in tune with the essential, elegant and absolutely contemporary style of the show. Each dance sequence, repeated several times with great precision, gets the attention of the audience, which has the impression that even the smallest gesture produces sounds and it is (was)observed as if it was under a magnifying glass. Apart from the originality of the idea, the perfect execution of dance and music and the evident skill of the two artists (each in his field of expertise), emotions are not lacking. The tension in the room is palpable, so much to explode in a thunderous applause that, when the show is over, it continues with lights on, recalling the two artists on stage to celebrate the deserved success of their work.

La Chambre de ma Souer is a sophisticated and tasteful show in which the Canciello brothers demonstrate how dance is also music!