When body dancing generates sounds.

An essential, refined and contemporary performance

The idea of Stepstuned project comes from Luca Canciello (composer/musician/sound designer) and Rossella Canciello (choreographer/dancer). Since 1998 they‘ve approached the idea of the body-dancing as a sound source, and working in collaboration with other artists, they realized, in the same year as first draft, the performance "Divertissement a 8 mani". Five years later the piece took a shape of a duet between the musician and the dancer, titled "The Sound Of Sight" (2003). Together in years, they’ve developed their dance-audio research, exploring the various possibilities of the interaction between movement and sound, realizing several pieces and studies performed in theaters and festivals, moving the body-dancing from abstract concept to concrete musical material. Recently they’ve involved in the project the theater author and director Lino Musella.

The main concept is based on the idea that the body dancing generates sounds. Some of these sounds, such as the impact of feet, hands and body on the floor, are mainly audible; but some others as breaths, body floating in the air or some fabrics' rubbing, nearly achieve the threshold of perception. Those sounds are the inspiration for the musician, who captures and manipulates them structuring music textures: beats, rhythms, harmonies & melodies are created by looping, overlapping, tuning and processing steps, jumps, feet striped, breathing and in general every action of the dancer-performer.The purpose of “La Chambre de ma Soeur” is to create music, in realtime, catching these imperceptible sounds, with panoramic and piezo-electric microphones, giving them more character and audibility.

As a final result, the dancer-performer, will dance on the music produced by herself, constantly feeding and regenerating it with her movements.The interactions between dance and sound become an hidden dramaturgy, a metaphor of human relationships which tells us the possibility to perceive the others is endless.